Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mama + Me: Chambray and Camo

Today's post is another easy outfit to wear for you and your littles. It's inspired by an outfit Ellie wore this week, actually. We have all of her outfit picks and she hasn't worn them together yet, but after dressing her in her camo leggings yesterday I thought about how could they would be with her chambray top. The lace headband adds just right feminine and girly touch to pull it all together. I love little guys in button down shirts, they always look so handsome in them. A nice chambray top is something everyone in the family needs in their closet. The material is so soft and easy to wear and play in. I wear mine nearly weekly, it was also nice when we were nursing, so it's been a fave for a while.

 photo ChambrayBlend_zps1e9383f7.jpg

Little Man

Chambray Top ($15! Order a Tall for tunic length)

Little Lady
Chambray Top (still available in store)
Lace Headband 

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Product Review: Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Shadow

 photo 1CB6707B-920F-4ED5-9417-C76123401290_zpstgl8coj4.jpg
Since buying our house, I haven’t had the chance to replenish some of my Holy Grail beauty products in a while. Our area is still developing and our closest mall is a solid 20 minute drive and I don’t make it over there that often. One thing I’ve been out of for a while is my Urban Decay Primer Potion (see my original review here) and I’ve had to check out some other primers in the meantime (like this so-so elf one). I wear eye shadow daily and like to use a primer base underneath to ensure it lasts my work day without fading or creasing. I know I can order it online, but I like going into beauty stores to check out other products and I’ve been wanting to go in to see some products from my Fall Beauty Inspiration post.

One item that’s been on my radar for a while is MAC’s Paint Pots (specifically Bare Study and Ochre). I’ve tried a paint pot in the past and didn’t care too much for it, but I have been wanting to try it again. A few of my girlfriends swear by them so I thought I should give them another go and added it to my Christmas list. While browsing my usual beauty blogs and Pinterest, I kept seeing the Color Tattoo Shadows repeatedly as dupes for MAC’s Paint Pots. During a late night pinning sesh, I found this particular pin and decided to test the Color Tattoo Shadow in Barely Branded since it’s considered a dupe for Bare Study.

 photo 31ac923d-d345-4b59-b69a-95b8a3e51e8d_zps9e7c3646.jpg
Barely Branded is a pretty shimmery champagne color that makes for a good neutral base for shadows. I’ve used this only as a shadow base, but have used it almost every day since purchasing it. I use a small concealer brush (similar to this one) to apply a thin layer all over my lid to my brow bone before applying my shadows. The shadow is creamy and soft, creamier than I remember the paint pots to be. I was afraid that it would be hard and not blend well, but it applies easily and “sets” quickly. It’s a pretty wash and is buildable in color if you’re going to wear it alone. This color is very shimmery and adds some extra shimmer to the shadows I top it with. I don’t mind that since a lot of my shadows are shimmery anyways, but I do skip it when wearing matte shadows or I don’t want to add the extra shimmer to my look. One day when I think I applied too much I did have some creasing, but typically I haven’t had any creasing and my shadows last a solid 8-10 hours before fading. Win!

After trying this out now for a few weeks, I’m very pleased with it. I’m not interested at this time in trying other colors or using it alone, but I really like it for a shadow base. After finding this base, I don’t care about trying the paint pots again since this is working for me, especially with its great price point ($6.99). I do plan on re-purchasing my Urban Decay Primer Potion as that is a clear base, but will probably use them both equally depending on what shadows I’m using (matte vs shimmer).

What primers do you like to use? Do you use a primer at all? We have a shopping center opening up near our home in the next year or so and I’m crossing my fingers that it will include an Ulta!

Friday, November 7, 2014

OOTD: Blush + Booties

 photo BC3EFB56-578A-40ED-B2D4-557C8797134D_zpskhzpqlwx.jpg photo 061397FB-C023-4DC5-9A61-B6177818E2B0_zpsdf9hb4hx.jpg photo B841497D-17D7-4851-88C1-37EF5B3EE251_zpslt69q2ni.jpg photo 44757876-1B6C-4D23-BD38-4E2CE6537788_zps86vv045q.jpg photo 83B9BA59-DF89-4B0D-A4D8-CAA27518C423_zpsec53rtb1.jpg
Blush Top // Jeans // Boots (last year, similar here)

This past weekend, I had a baby shower to go to and I knew exactly what I wanted to wear. I love those days when checking out your closet is easy and something immediately comes to mind. I snagged this top after seeing how much Megan loved it and had to try it out myself. I loved it immediately! I bought it online, but when I went into the store they had it for 70% off so I snagged two more in black and white. It's such an easy top to wear, I've already worn it and the black one to work already. It's super comfortable and I love how it drapes in the front. I totally feel like an Old Navy ad though since I'm wearing them head to toe.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Recipe Review: Tomato Salad

My co-worker often makes this salad and it smells amazing so I asked her for the recipe because I had to have it. This is a really common salad, I've had this same salad at lots of parties/showers, but I've never made it myself. It's really simple, delicious, healthy and we've been loving it at our house!

Here's what you need:
- Cucumber (one whole one, or half of a large one)
- Tomatoes (you can use whole or baby)
- Bell Peppers
- Cilantro
- Onion
- Vinegar (2 Tablespoons)
- Olive Oil (1 Tablespoon)
- Salt and Pepper

Optional Ingredients:
- Dash Seasoning
- Basil
- Garlic
- Mozzarella
- Infused Vinegar (we use mango infused vinegar and it's delicious)

There's no perfect amount of vegetables to use, you can make it with more or less depending on your tastes. If you choose to include mozzarella, I wouldn't mix that in until it's served or slice it into medallions and put the salad mix on top.

 photo ce794f63-abd0-4c60-a4bb-875d5cb3e272_zpsef939a24.jpg
Chop up all your vegetables to bite size portions and mince the cilantro

 photo 345174F2-46B8-463F-8CC1-1CD95131ED5E_zps8bopvwvr.jpg
I'm craving some right now...

 photo 5C3F6EE8-DB09-46D4-BBBF-DC7BA62F7541_zpsjaireveu.jpg
Add your vinegar and olive oil. Since we use a mango infused one, I do one tablespoon of regular and one tablespoon of the infused.

 photo 3491C9E6-A608-4336-860B-8BB73F0DCAC0_zpspnqxgccf.jpg
Mix it all together and let chill in the fridge for at least 15 minutes!

 photo d6e598e7-7cfe-441b-bff0-eb8d3a6acf6d_zpsada0a8f0.jpg
Serve and enjoy!

The salad lasts for about 2 days in the fridge, but the tomatoes and possibly the cucumbers will get soggy by that last day. When using half of a large cucumber and two whole tomatoes, I get about 4-5 servings for Matt and I. There's always extra dressing with those portions so I could definitely add more veggies without having to increase the olive oil/vinegar ratio. We also use a lot of cilantro and about two slices off of an onion for our own preferences.

This is one of my favorite and easiest recipes I've tried. It's so good and is a great side dish. 

What are some of your favorite recipes? 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Day Off Snapshots

Last week I had to take some vacation days off work and it was glorious. They were days I hadn't planned on taking off, but with my change of positions I had to switch my scheduled vacation time. It worked out though to have Halloween off so no complaints. It's always wonderful to have a few days off during the week to run errands and spend extra time with family.

I loved being home with Ellie! She's at a fun age and it didn't seem like it was as much "work" as other age ranges have felt in the past. Yes, she's always on the go, but maybe we have a better routine down now? She's been on a fantastic nap schedule for a few months and that has really made life much easier. I was one of the lucky women who had a baby that rarely napped so this new sleep schedule is very welcomed. She just takes a one two-hour nap, so it's nothing crazy, but it's better and easier than two short naps like she was taking before.

So here are some random shots from the week:

 photo AFF68471-8C80-4585-9973-5E3F665169D1_zpsvbeyzkfk.jpg
We snacked a ton. Lots of hummus was eaten.

 photo 8AC8C46B-51C6-41B3-9259-51F6C73BC133_zps3rv2ib6c.jpg
My girlfriend came over and we worked on some holiday crafts

 photo BDDAA5A7-345D-4D1D-B66C-FF6DB70383E4_zpsralzoe2y.jpg photo 37C56C28-7D2A-4E9F-94B1-C02616D30A35_zps0cpbjb88.jpg photo 58DAABD5-9519-448E-8DD0-9CE9DB41D0CB_zpsxwtmbrhl.jpg
I finished a wreath, made some ornament balls for our banister (they still need some fabric ribbon to hang from), and monogrammed a pumpkin

 photo F49B9D1A-7BCF-4D6D-AB4A-47D4C04FE7F0_zpsbz9yoc4v.jpg
Anytime I asked Ellie if she wanted to check the mail, she ran to the door

 photo 03AEE4BE-0B61-4329-8DC3-60452B7C072F_zpsrms56oqa.jpg
With awesome mail days like this package, why not? 
The Olivia Lace set from Willow Crowns

 photo 4D470676-9900-4AE1-98CC-058B3683BD01_zpsxwy2vfgo.jpg
We snacked some more

 photo 971E2DEB-24EB-4117-B61D-EE29ABCB9C5F_zpshgdh9cqa.jpg
I snuggled up for some Lifetime movies during naptimes
Why do boot socks say they're One Size, but I struggle to put them on?

 photo 5D341DDD-A6E3-4D97-BE80-E77121CE58A8_zpsdtfbrizm.jpg
Wore leggings almost everyday. 
Love these printed leggings from White Plum (c/o) 
Snag 25% off with code LEGGINGSLOVE through November 21st!

 photo F4692AFB-B4EE-43E5-8B91-CA8EE06E3B6A_zpsu4sjmlia.jpg
Wore more leggings

 photo DE7875B0-F9F6-4975-95B6-665A2E83E866_zpsocf8tafd.jpg
Then finally put on some real pants for about 30 minutes

 photo 04C2A84C-1C2C-4F07-9FE8-EBE06DFFB39B_zpsoglupyn6.jpg
Enjoyed being outside

That's a little bit about how we spent our days together. I wish I could stay home all the time and play all day with Ellie. We had so much fun together and I loved having friends over and making dinner (who knew?) for us. If only there was more time in the day to really enjoy our time together and get more stuff packed into each day. 

Hope you're all having a wonderful week!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mama + Me: Buffalo Plaid

After talking several times with my mommy friends, one post idea that has kept coming up repeatedly was Mommy + Me outfit ideas. I've been working on one long post for so long and it finally dawned on me that it would be easier to do one outfit at a time. Then I thought, what if I made this into a weekly feature? Is that something you guys would be interested in? Let me know in the comments!

So this week's outfits are pretty easy, buffalo print has been everywhere! I love the look and it works easily for the whole family.

 photo mamameBlend_zps3dc262ad.jpg

Little Man


Little Lady

I bought Ellie that plaid tunic last week and I'm kicking myself for not buying myself the top when it was 50% at Old Navy! Now I'm stalking the site and store for it to go on sale again. 

Do you like to dress alike with your kiddos? Did you like this post? Let me know!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend felt so long, but it went by so quickly! It was so much fun and we had such a great time together. I had gone to the store several times this past week and kept thinking about how we needed to get candy to pass out, but of course I ended up at 3pm buying several bags on Halloween. The stores were so packed! I'm happy that they had a ton of "good" candy left, no one wants to be that house.

We started Halloween off with a party at Ellie's daycare. It was so cute and fun! They decorated treat bags, had a little program where they sang songs, decorated sugar cookies (Ellie skipped the work and went straight to eating hers), had a scavenger hunt in the "spider's lair", and had their face painted. I'm so in love with her new daycare! She has so much fun and I love the attention she gets from her teacher and friends.

 photo 5225aca4-3fe4-4752-aa5f-5e3509f7280a_zps435aa29b.jpg

For the party, I made monster cupcakes that I couldn't wait to share...
 photo 7B168759-7761-42A7-9EE4-AC6F62E20988_zps6mvxptro.jpg

But one of the kids wanted to help me carry it and knocked over the case, so they definitely became MONSTER cupcakes. I couldn't stop laughing, he was so cute to help! Plus, they still tasted just as yummy!
 photo 31822CE7-8875-4474-A74F-0436E9A6900F_zpshwd38tnd.jpg

After Ellie's nap, we finally painted her pumpkins. We had been meaning to do this earlier, but we've had lots of visitors and Matt and I didn't want to do it without the other one being present. So day of decorating totally happened. I used some painters tape to make a design in her pumpkin and I'm thinking an art project for the playroom should totally happen soon using the same method.
 photo D79006ED-8621-4CB0-B0AA-61905318369E_zpso4foqwev.jpg

I wish I could keep it forever! I love how they turned out! I'm thinking about having her decorate a foam one so I can. It was a really fun project and it wasn't nearly as messy as I had expected it to be. 
 photo 7635a486-e10f-4792-a085-0e6ede58f892_zps679e4395.jpg
After dinner it was time to trick or treat! We just went around to 4-5 houses and then came home and had a firepit in our driveway with some scary music playing and passed out candy.
 photo 9AE444CC-2655-4CCD-A77D-C4734B41A7B1_zpshkt0j7z1.jpg

It was just a great night! Children make holidays so much fun and I can't wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas next!

Oh! Here is my costume for the holliday, I went with a Halloween classic- a ghost!
 photo 6503665F-C9EE-4E45-93FA-649FDF6CE8BD_zpsajgq0l5b.jpg

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall Beauty Inspiration

Although it's barely chilly in the morning and the weather isn't cooperating with my fall wardrobe (still dying to wear my new beanie!), fall makeup can still be worn. Ha ha Mother Nature, I pulled one over on ya! Neiner neiner neiner! Back to being adult-ish.

With the cool mornings, I've been yearning for deep wine and rich gold hues and have been checking out Pinterest for some inspiration. I love the warm looks of the season with deep berry lips and wine hued shadow. I also love the flip side of the bronzes and nude (I'm always down for nude, regardless of the season). Here are some of my recent pins of looks I want to try and copy.
 photo f888b8f98962440304668d7dfcda8a85_zps270bdc69.jpg photo e3bbc4e57d8e79d4af36d0ff0a8cd53f_zpsacdf2bd3.jpg photo 60e54560a512eb9aa6149d52ef53c8f4_zps5524dffe.jpg photo 9dce3e2731b003f5e03920aaf5d17c2c_zps0c037a5d.jpg photo cbe0e589425f47d56bb7eb57d311c551_zps8290df15.jpg photo 14df928178fa101e00536834201ea571_zpsbaf592f5.jpg photo edd95a3033a7bf8f8d2402401fd3bf31_zpsea068aac.jpg photo 5720130e44ba1a04eeb04e8f93642702_zps76a28bc5.jpg

Aren't these looks gorgeous? I can't even pick a favorite, I'm fond of them each. My makeup for work has been the same lately (check out my Every Day Face post to see what I use) and I'm dying to switch it up. I've been digging through some of my makeup and found a few items to hold me over, but I found some products that are perfect for these looks.

Here are some products to re-create the looks on your own (and they're totally on my beauty list I keep on my phone to check out at Target/Ulta)!

 photo FallBeautyBlend_zps914c481d.jpg

Revlon Wine Not // NYX Copenhagen // Revlon Black Cherry
NYX Terra Cotta // MAC Love Joy

Lucky for me, I think I'll be swinging by an Ulta in the next couple of days. I've been dying to check out the holiday MAC line too. They make the best stuff and I just want to add all of it to cart and check out. Back in college, I used to do that without batting a lash. Now, I have a mortgage payment and toddler hair bows to buy. Priorities my friends. Maybe I'll add an item or two to my Christmas list... 

What are some of your favorite fall looks? Do you change your makeup routine at all with the seasons? 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Mani Secrets

 photo 9a7cfd3b-3e5e-40bd-9b34-0d050d2bb776_zpsf81a1240.jpg

Nail polish is kinda my thing, I love it and can't have enough! Every Target run I check out all the polishes to see if there's a color I just have to have. It's an easy to change and a quick way to try different trends (yes, I'm a broken record with that). Since I've been giving myself a mani at home almost weekly for years, I've picked up a few tips and tricks.

I always get a question or two about how I get a good mani at home. Here are the products I swear by!

 photo bd91041b-222c-44b1-9dfc-d5f930e20b85_zps3dda3256.jpg

Aquaphor is perfect for dry, cracked skin and softening cuticles. I put some on and use the cuticle pusher to make them pretty. If I need some extra help I'll use the cuticle remover and scissors, but I do try to use the scissors sparingly. After lots of painful nicks I've learned to not force it and just to clip the dry skin that's easy to get.

For the final touch, I swear by Seche Vite top coat for a quick dry and brilliant shine. Plus, I love the texture it gives my nails, almost like a gel! I use it for every mani/pedi, no matter how many coats you have to use, it only takes 10 minutes to dry. If after a few days my nails need some extra shine and my cuticles are looking ho hum I"ll dip a cotton ball into some baby oil to shine them right up.

What are your favorite mani tips?

Friday, October 24, 2014

Fall Necessities

Well, I'm still waiting for cooler weather to hit and dreaming of cardigans and boots. We're at that awkward point in the season where it's chilly in the morning and the Sahara Desert by noon. So, while I'm waiting for our temperatures to drop, I thought I'd post about my fall must-haves. These are pieces that I wear year after year and look to buy each season because I know they'll get the most use.

 photo fallcardiBlend_zps9c41bd99.jpg
I've always been a cardigan hoarder, but these last two years I've loved big cozy and boyfriend style cardigans. They're great to layer with this mood swing weather we're having and they're perfect with leggings or skinny jeans.

 photo fallbootBlend_zps8d0b1dba.jpg
A girl can never have enough boots! These ankle boots are perfect, I love the bit of edge the leather strap gives them. This year I'm in the market for another pair of riding boots and I love how these riding boots rise up in the front and dip in the back. Plus the color is gorgeous! 

 photo fallscarfBlend_zps68e291cf.jpg
It's no secret that scarves are part of my love language. I wear them year round and I've been itching to wear my thicker textured ones. 

 photo fallvestBlend_zpscbb4eaaf.jpg
Vests are perfect to wear when it's chilly, but not cold or you don't want the extra layers weighing down your arms. I snagged this tweed vest last year and loooooooooooved it. So glad to see it back again! This year I'd love to add a flatter quilted vest like this fun red one. 

What are your fall must have pieces?