Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Baby 2 Bumpdate: Week 37

The end of the pregnancy is near folks and I’ve been feeling it! My stomach has grown so much in the last 2-3 weeks, perfect strangers at the store have started commenting about how I’m so close to pop. My sister’s bridal shower is this Saturday and after that it’s full on baby mode. We have no plans for next weekend and we’ve turned down all invitations so we can spend it as a family together and doing last minute errands. I’ll probably take advantage of the free time to pack our bags too.

 photo 7094B834-BDFD-4C9D-B2EA-C0C7E4FA0929_zpsl1ffwsxs.jpg
36 Weeks 3 Days

- We’ve made some progress in the nursery! If you caught Our Weekend Shenanigans post you already know, but Matt was able to paint the room! For the wall color, I picked out a soft white with a gray undertone, but when he started painting the wall it looked white-white. I had a little bit of a worry that the room would look sterile with white walls and white furniture, but once we tore off the painter’s tape and plastic and saw the wall color against our baseboards, you could definitely see the soft white with grey undertone color that I had picked out- it looked exactly like the sample card and sample spot I painted. Thank goodness! Sometimes once you paint an entire wall/room, it looks totally different than just on one spot. It really made the white baseboards pop too. I am so relieved!! He also put the crib back together and it looks so great against the walls. I can’t wait to put up her dresser and d├ęcor, it’s really going to look great together.

- I took advantage of Target’s July Bogo sale for clothing and stocked up on some nursing tanks and bras. I’m hoping to nurse our little one for as long or longer as I did Ellie (read about our Breastfeeding Journey here) and I was in some need for some new gear. Two of the tanks I bought have a built in body shaper (like Spanx) underneath, so I was sold! Once I’ve used them, I’ll be sure to review how I liked them and if they worked for me. I love to use a nursing tank since I can nurse without showing my waist/back. Such a must-have if you nurse!

- I’ve really been feeling the aches and pains of pregnancy this week. Some days, I feel like all movement takes so much effort- getting off the couch, getting up from bed, bending down to pick something up, etc. My patience is also at an all time low, the littlest things drive me nuts. My hips have been killing me at night, no matter what tricks I use to help and on top of that I’ve been having to get up to use the restroom 4-5 times every night! Sleep has not come easy this past week.

 photo 6D8247C6-B891-4508-8FD2-48DF3E58D147_zpskbvnzmmg.jpg
Kimono (here and here) // Jeans

- I have a doctor appointment this Friday and I can’t wait. Only one last appointment after it before she arrives! I’m getting kind of nervous about having a second c-section and bringing a new baby home. Ellie has been crazy attached to me, I know she knows things are changing and it’s going to be such a huge adjustment for her. I’m so thankful that children are resilient and I’ll be sure pay her extra attention while also letting her know that the rules are still the same as before in our house. It seems like common sense, but I was reading a few Pinterest posts about helping your child adjust and how easy it is to coddle them and let tantrums pass because there’s so much going on, but that it’s important to still be just as strict as you were before because young children will test their boundaries and see what else has changed since the new arrival and still parenting them the same way will help provide structure and reassurance.

Do any of you have any tips for helping your child adjust once a new baby is home? I have all of her big sister gifts ready- I’ll be sure to post about them, we’ve talked at length a hundred times about her baby sister with her (she refers to her now as “her” baby), and we’ve made sure to focus on quality time with her. Any other tips that have helped your families adjust?

Thanks for reading! Have a great week!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Our Weekend Shenanigans

This past weekend was a busy one!! Matt and I worked from sun up til sun down and got so much stuff done. We have some extra busy weeks coming up and we took advantage of this weekend to get a lot done.

 photo 729792E2-47B8-407A-AAFE-5C98F9A64126_zps7jwsqo0m.jpg

My work threw a surprise baby shower for me on Friday a little early before I start my leave and others go on vacation. It was so sweet and I really enjoy working with my team. I've been so lucky to work for such a great company and have always worked with some amazing people. Thanks again guys!

Matt and I both worked Saturday, so my sister and her fiance came up from San Diego to take her to swim class and a family party. They had so much fun together and Ellie was so excited to see them. After the party she stayed the night with Nana and Papa so Matt and I could have a date night and continue to work on things around the house for the new baby and my sister's bridal shower I'm hosting this weekend.

 photo BDA08F01-D212-4DE5-8F97-AD8777C874B6_zpsew15figa.jpg

After work, I got to crafting and made 63 tissue pom poms (which I never want to do again, total cost: $4!) and some other things for the party. This continued all through Sunday too, luckily I still have finger tips! They weren't completely burned off from a hot glue gun- winning!

 photo 0BFC8359-DDE4-42BA-A80A-F5BACD18A768_zpsatqx9rhy.jpg photo DCAF8942-1234-4D0B-9E44-E0C4A09B994C_zpsbdd5gcjp.jpg

Once Matt got home from the event he was working, we went out to dinner. Of course we went to our favorite place, where we first met- Outback Steakhouse. We planned on going out for ice cream afterwards, but we were so stuffed and Matt knew the manager and he gave us the most delicious dessert! A salted caramel pretzel cookie topped with ice cream. Yummy!

 photo F9E4C4A7-817F-4CA0-96DB-B121F3D9AC0A_zps5zk56i4u.jpg

Sunday started bright and early! I woke up about 630 and started to tape off the nursery for Matt to paint. We ran errands, cleaned the house, did lawn work, crafted, etc. It was one of those days that feel like you did so much, Matt and I high-fived each other at the end of the day. We still have a lot to do for the nursery and the shower, but I think we'll get it all done easily.

 photo B5BEF7AD-8B8F-49DA-B96B-7A61D2C5172F_zps6n2n8q3y.jpg

Our only break was for some lunch, a good hearty sandwich was the perfect thing for our long day. It was so good I'm thinking of getting more for lunch today! After lunch, Matt went out and worked on our yard. We've had such a terrible drought this year and right after he came in, it started pouring rain! Thank goodness his timing was perfect and our lawn really needed the extra water.

When Ellie came home, she had been sick all day at Nana and Papa's with a fever and had been sleeping most of the day. When she was home her fever started to go down and she was willing to eat some fruit and popsicles. Once her fever was gone, you never would have known she didn't feel good. She had dinner, was jumping on the couch, and singing, and couldn't stop telling us about her weekend. She had a great time with all of the family. Last night was a bit rough for her, but her fever never came back- thank goodness!

Hope you had a great weekend too! Sorry for the lack of posts the last two weeks, I have some great posts coming up, and I hope to get them all posted in the next 2 weeks. Happy Monday!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Baby 2 Bumpdate: Week 36

 photo 6157A7A2-15A5-4BE1-B0E5-63548A78A36B_zpsr9aebisq.jpg
35 Weeks 3 Days

Yesterday I had my 36 week check up and everything is looking great! Only 2 more appointments left before she arrives! This pregnancy has seriously flown by so quickly. When I was pregnant with Eleanor, I didn't have anything to distract me, it was pregnancy/baby 24/7 with all of the excitement, setting up, classes, etc. and it went by sometimes at what felt like a snail's pace. Now that Eleanor is 2 and running around everywhere and we have had a ton of family events I feel like I just found out I was pregnant a few months ago, not months and months ago.

Here are some updates from my appointment and the past week:

- She's still a she! I had a dream a few weeks ago that the baby turned out to be a boy so I wanted to double check that at the appointment. Mix ups do happen! I would hope if it did, he would look just as handsome in pink hand me downs.

- I've gained 16lbs so far, so one more pound from my last appointment. I'm in shock that's all I've gained, I expected to gain the same or more the 2nd time around.

 photo 23B2A947-6637-47AB-B88F-AFA882438B84_zpsuuvq5fgm.jpg

- I've been resting a lot lately due to Braxton Hicks (more below), but it finally gave me time to wash and fold all of Ellie's newborn and 0-3 months clothing. It made me super nostalgic going through her clothing and it made me sad that Ellie has grown so fast and the time has gone so quickly. It also made me excited to see some of my favorite outfits and know they'll get used again. Some of them, I remember dressing her in and taking her pictures like it was yesterday!

  photo 7968075F-A636-4781-BD5C-25C6FFC78220_zps0c0xhtzl.jpg photo DAB10BA7-9F82-46E6-97EC-50A9127FA6EA_zpsotz6d9z4.jpg

- My sister threw me a little "sprinkle" at a restaurant with my aunts and cousins on Sunday. It was so nice and relaxing and great to catch up with everyone. There's so many birthdays, pregnancies, wedding events, and parties coming up it was also the perfect time to get everything on the calendar too with everyone! I loved celebrating with them!

 photo 1FA34623-DE9B-4D3F-8132-212D932EBE52_zpszhslybor.jpg
Black Dress (Target last year, similar here) // Hat (Target last year, similar here and here)

-  Cravings this week have mostly been sweets and fruit, nothing different from last week.

- This past weekend I experience Braxton Hicks for the first time. I never felt anything with Ellie, and just thought it was the way this baby was moving that made my stomach go all tight so I didn't pay any attention to it. Then Friday morning it was happening a few times in a short period of time and I realized it was a contraction. I immediately hit up my girlfriends on what contractions/BH felt like and it was exactly how they described it. I called the nurse and she said to lie on my side and drink water and they went away. Then it happened again Saturday  morning so I laid in bed for most of the afternoon and felt better. That's pretty much what happened all weekend long. I really hope this baby doesn't decide to come before our scheduled c-section!

Hope you're having a great week! Thank you for following along on my pregnancy journey!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Baby 2 Bumpdate: Week 35

For reals, I have 4 weeks until baby arrives. That's one month, where I have parties and family events every.single.weekend. We have everything to decorate the nursery, but we still have lots to do. Like paint it, then use the items we have to actually decorate it. LOL. I'm not worried so much about getting that stuff done, once it's painted putting things on the walls will just take an afternoon. I need to find our newborn insert for the carseat, wash our newborn clothes, sanitize my pump parts and bottles, and get out our swing/bouncer, etc. Looks like I have some things to do during the work week and can't keep tossing everything to the weekends. Oh, did I mention I'm hosting my sister's bridal shower this month too? NBD.

 photo 832591d8-60d6-4227-b1d6-162a9f5c645b_zpsvyojjlbt.jpg

This past week I had a Dr appointment and things are looking great! We are both healthy and on track for where we should be in the pregnancy. Here are the latest updates for the past two weeks (since I missed Bumpdate Week 34 last week).

-I'll definitely be having another c-section and we scheduled baby 2's birth day! I'm so excited and it's definitely one plus of having a c-section to be able to plan around a specific date and time. Matt and I can arrange everything for work, care for Ellie, let our families know, etc.

- I've gained 15 pounds so far. When I looked at my Bumpdate this week for Ellie, I had gained 21lbs already so I'm surprised I'm "behind" this time. I'm not doing anything different than before, so I'm not sure why my weight isn't closer to last time. I also noticed that my arms and face were puffier with Ellie and not so this time, thank goodness- I already have a full face as it is!

- The Dr also thinks that this baby is smaller than Ellie was (which could be why I haven't gained as much?), Ellie was born over 8 pounds and he is estimated this baby to be 7 lbs and change. He said a lot can happen in a month, but doesn't predict she'll hit 8lbs. We shall see soon enough.

- She has been moving so much lately, it's more pressure against my belly and stretching that feels like she's doing the splits or putting each arm straight out. Sometimes it can be pretty uncomfortable with the pressure she's putting against me when she's stretching. I've noticed she does this more than just kicking now, probably because she doesn't have enough room.

- It's been pretty hot and humid here lately and I had to take my rings off a few days ago. I think now that our humidity has died off, my rings will probably fit again, but I'm afraid that if I wear them, my fingers will swell and they will have to be cut off which I would absolutely hate.

-Speaking of the heat, it's been terrible! I've been so lucky this summer that it hasn't been that hot. I barely made it through May with Eleanor and thought I'd be dead by now with an August due date. On Friday, I felt so sick when I got home from the heat and the movement from the baby. We had the ac blasting and the fan going, but I was miserable. It's been better the past few nights and I hope I'll survive July!

 photo 786D464B-A9DD-4137-8C1B-E1F3B4D10FBE_zps8ruyqdgs.jpg

- Lately I've been craving an Icee and the hot and spicy chicken sandwich from McDonalds. Like having them for lunch almost daily. I've never even had the chicken sandwich until I was pregnant, I'm not sure what made me order it, but now it's a must have. I've also been craving Swedish Fish, watermelon, and lemonade. 

-I've grown so much in the last 2-3 days and I"m at the point where I'm short of breath, my body aches at the end of the day, and doing simple things can be a struggle. At least it's only this last month and not for longer! Maybe it will just be these few days? Here's to wishful thinking.

Hope you're having a great day! Thanks for reading and following along!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Recent Purchases: Mama, Ellie, and Beauty Goodies

I haven't been shopping too much lately (although I want to buy everything in the summertime for home, baby, hubs, beauty, and closet, etc), but here are the things I've picked up recently. I bought a few things for the baby too, but I'm waiting until her nursery is complete before posting anything. You know, because it's super secret and I'm waiting for a grand reveal. LOL. Anyways, here's what's made it into my cart and home with me recently.

 photo 6319A1ED-0823-4F0E-8E5E-7F130EDF604C_zpsxngg6tjo.jpg
Top // Bottom

I have a ton of suits, but the supporting plastic bar on the side has ripped through a couple and has been scratching me, I should probably just sew them back in, but who has time for that? So last weekend I ran to Target for a new suit. I love their mix and match pieces, they’re so easy to wear and mix with suits I already own. Shopping while at the end of pregnancy is no fun. Thankfully, with a two piece it will fit post partum, but there are so many cute new styles out right now like high waisted bottoms and a bustier type top, that don’t work for a bump at all and if I get it for post bump I won’t get as much use of them. Next year I’m hoping will be more fun for suit shopping (bahahahaha who am I kidding here?).

 photo B0121A0C-9389-40DB-8EFA-02E2180AE808_zpszkbs1qa5.jpg

How fun are these shorts? I love the print and the lightweight fabric, perfect for this hot summer we’re having. The elastic waist makes it easy to wear with the bump and will still be great post bump. They're super comfortable and I've been wearing them almost non-stop.

 photo 06484D0E-3E4A-4E91-A109-5F260D20B76E_zpszwxxg9yg.jpg

I love the pom pom and tulip/dolphin short trend going on right now. I bought these shorts with a giftcard from my Grandmother and I can’t wait to wear them. With the tulip hem, they’re not bump friendly, but only a few weeks left before I can rock these babies! They’ll be perfect for pool days and just lounging around the house.

 photo B3AC083E-FB92-4CB2-BFAD-3DD7C9352AD6_zpsa6whuqda.jpg

How cute are these summer tanks with a ruffle hem? Perfect for summer days and playing outside. Ellie comes home so dirty from wherever we are, I hate buying expensive clothes for the everyday. These $5 tops from Target are awesome.

 photo B16FD1C8-D69F-496D-8133-D715CF83EA75_zpsfs7bpiqs.jpg

Our good friends gifted Ellie with the Ema Jane headband bow set for her first Christmas and we absolutely just loved them. They were the perfect size bow and had a color that matched every outfit. Now that she won’t keep a headband on for even a second and has enough hair to put up, I snagged the bow set in 4.5 inches in a flat second. I love the quality of these bows and now our little girl and Ellie can match when she arrives!

 photo 27FDE6F6-30C3-4B63-AABB-45323A95C635_zpsqqpjnxrr.jpg

I’ve been using this foundation for years and really like it. It’s lightweight and available in tons of shades. It lasts forever and I thought I was going to run out of my old bottle soon, but now that it’s summer I haven’t been using it much lately. This bottle is ready whenever the last drop is gone though.

I’ve never used NYC makeup before, but Brittany Kerr (Jason Aldean’s wife) swears by it and uses it on a lot of her clients so I figured why not try it? It’s a soft brush and goes on really dark black. It’s really wet and you have to let it set or it can smudge onto your lid, but it doesn’t bleed. It lasts well and doesn’t fade, it’s such a great price (under $4) that I’ll definitely buy it again.

I love L'Oreal's Lineur Intense, but it bled into my eye and hurt like the flames of hell so many times I wanted to try a different liner from them. This one is also Lineur Intense but has a felt tip, which I like, but I find it harder to get a thicker line when I want one. It’s also not as dark of black as Lineur Intense and shadow transfers onto it, so I won’t be buying it again.

 photo 2DC7E890-28EB-4310-AAE6-F5E70E8F461D_zpstse8kuhr.jpg

I finally found this gel top coat at Target! I used it Thursday night and I really like it, it dries pretty shiny and super quick. Like 2 minutes quick. I was in the pool all day for the holiday and although it doesn't look as great, it still stood up pretty well! I plan on re-painting them this week to really test out the top coat. So far, it's much better than the Sally Hanson one (see my review here).

Do you read Megan's blog? If not, head over now and check out all her reviews! She's the best and I've read her for years! She's posted about using e.l.f.'s HD Powder a few times and I always look at it on a Target run, but never bit the bullet. Now I finally bought it and have used it a few times. Still getting used to it and where it's best to wear it.

This is a random buy, I don't why I bought it, I wasn't looking for or needing a concealer, but it still went into my basket and home with me. It has a good consisteny and coverage, it creases if you use it under your eyes, but around the nose has been great. It's a great price point too for what you get.

 photo 7BEA67A2-FBA9-4644-B75F-C055816EA6DB_zpsy9qyszdi.jpg

I don’t even know why I bother to buy any lip products with the amount I already own, but I love NYX’s butter glosses. They have great color and last for a long time. They look great layered over other colors and lipsticks too. They’re the perfect texture of soft and creamy. Strawberry Parfait is a nice bright color for a gloss and Eclair is more subdued, very similar to Creme Brulee (which I love) with a touch more lavender to it. If you haven't tried their glosses already, hop on it! I love the quality and texture of them.

I'm now at the point where I've slowed down on buying anything (these purchases have been over the last few weeks), I'm just waiting at this point for post bump. I have a ton of stuff I need to get for the baby and her nursery and I've bought a few items for Ellie's Big Sister gift so my extra mad money has been going there.

Hope you're having a great week! What have been some of your recent purchases lately?

Monday, July 6, 2015

Our 4th of July

 photo 8384F285-93EA-42B0-9937-FA9DA9112785_zps5dsahhlz.jpg

4th of July is one of my favorite holidays, and if you've been reading for a few years, you already know this because I say it every single year. What's not to love about family, friends, BBQ, swimming, and fireworks? This year I was extra excited about it because Ellie is old enough to run amuck and enjoy it just as much as I do.

 photo 4C213A73-D1B7-4215-8686-498789B51D9F_zpsinllwpxc.jpg

We started the day off with some red toes and silver sparkle, I painted her fingers to match, but she would let me take a pic. It's the first time I've painted her nails, she's always on the run so I've waited to do it because I know she can't stand still long enough for them to dry. She was so excited about her nails and they were so extra cute on her little fingers. The first hand was awesome, but the second hand after I was done she made a fist and then thought she was hurt, red anything on her skin = blood to her eyes. It was pretty funny and I showed her she wasn't hurt and I could get it all off. She showed everyone at the party her nails and already asked me to paint them again for her. 

 photo B11E53D7-8404-4571-9F6C-47E048BBF2F4_zpsewm2cqq1.jpg

We headed to Matt's sister's for the day, she has a great house for entertaining and only lives 10 minutes away so it's awesome. The party started with water balloons for the kids that turned into a balloon fight between the adults, men vs women. I forget how much fun water balloons are, or what a pain they are to fill. Matt's sister was in charge of filling them and his mom and I tied them off. We couldn't keep up with the kids at all though! Those puppies went so fast!

 photo 801A2C48-CD9F-4340-A945-3F8380FE0DAF_zpsi50odvxu.jpg

We spent almost the entire day and into the night in the pool- swimming, chicken fights, floating, and relaxing. It was seriously the perfect day and everyone had such a great time! It was hot and the water was fantastic and we all got lots of color.The girls laid out on this raft for so long, it was the cutest thing ever! Ellie loved just laying there, she skipped her nap that day and was pretty tired, but held out strong without any fussing.

 photo CDF3998A-C103-4D07-B6F2-CDF284DF3312_zpsstcajvhm.jpg

Swimming while pregnant is the best, it's like you have no belly at all! It's great exercise too, although all I do is float around in a tube. My arms got some great color, but I have the worst tan lines on the back from having them on the tube all afternoon. LOL. I've also been making Starbuck's Passion Tea Lemonade at home and it's so refreshing. 

Happy 4th of July! I love our country and being an American, thank you to all our troops and their families for protecting and fighting for our freedom! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Big Sister Gift?

Since getting pregnant, I knew Ellie would be a great big sister, but I'm completely aware of the adjustment she's going to face when she realizes the baby stays with us forever and not just for a visit. Right now she gets all of our attention and we can meet all of her needs pretty much on demand. I know that sounds like we spoil her and we don't, but compared to how it will be when the baby arrives it's totally going to be a whole new world for her. I have some fears about not being able to pick her up when she needs or wants me to, getting the girls on the same nap schedule, finding a schedule at all that works for us, and any negative feelings Ellie will be going through as she adjusts such as jealousy.

We've been reading several big sister and baby books to her and she's obsessed with babies when we're out and her dolls at home, but just like how you can't truly prepare for parenthood, I don't think we can fully prepare her for her little sister. One idea I've been wanting to do is have a gift ready from the baby for Ellie with a note to her. I realize this isn't a new idea, my mom gave me a new dolly when my sister arrived and she said I didn't even care about the baby and just played with the doll for most of the visit. Although, there were some pretty cute pics of me holding Karli, so I obviously had the big sister thing down from the start.

I've been looking through Pinterest (follow me here!) for some ideas and I think a little activity sack with quiet time activities might be the best route for her. I want to fill it with items she loves and some new items she doesn't have. Here's what I'm thinking:

 photo Big Sister Gifts Blend_zpskf2yy7gs.jpg

Coloring Books

I don't want to go too crazy, but I want her to have something special. I thought about getting her a doll like my mother did for me, but she has so many dolls and I want her to have a gift that she will enjoy. Maybe I could add a My Little Pony?

Mamas- did you have your little ones exchange gifts? What did they give each other? How did it work for your children?  What are your tips and ideas? All ideas and input are welcome!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Our Weekend

This weekend was so busy! On Friday we took dinner to our friends who just had their first baby. It was so great visiting with them and snuggling their little girl. She is absolutely beautiful and precious! She's so small, I can't believe it's just over a month before our own little one will be here too. It was fun to talk with her mom about all the new mom stuff and the funny things you forget about when they're so little.

 photo 11E72DDE-9345-40F3-8391-21E685246B20_zpsl1bygaaw.jpg

Saturday morning started off early with swim class and Ellie did so good! It was probably her best class yet and a lot of fun. She's getting really good at floating on her back (with help from us) and loves to jump into the water. After class we ran some errands and stopped for Starbucks. We were just going to pick it up and keep going, but Ellie wanted to sit and have her milk and it was really nice to relax and enjoy our drinks and a chocolate croissant.We are always on the go, go, go and I really enjoyed taking 20 minutes to just sit and talk. Ellie was so funny and is talking up a storm. She has the best stories and hand motions for them.

 photo 7816BA35-EF07-4BDE-BEA9-C014C1A86FC1_zpswv240qkh.jpg

After our errands we picked up our niece and nephew for a sleepover and it was crazytown, in a good way! They all had so much fun and played nonstop. We ended the night with pizza, warm cookies, and The Book of Life movie. I love that Ellie is so close with her cousins and they live only 10 minutes away and can get together all the time.

 photo 015A3456-5FC0-40CA-9F04-34B1B995F636_zpsa5ob6yrn.jpg

Matt worked on house stuff all weekend too, painting Ellie's big girl bed- we put it up last night, more details to come! He changed out our lights in the kitchen and dining room, worked on the yard, and more. He is such a hard worker and really doesn't know the meaning of relaxation. I'm sure if we went on a vacation he would fix something at the hotel. I, on the other hand, took advantage of Ellie's nap and gave myself a pedicure and watched a Lifetime movie- Perfect High with Bella Thorne (so good). Just a polish change really, with this big belly it is not as easy to do all the dirty work. I'll definitely be getting a pedicure this next month.

 photo A002D18B-8E4F-42EB-B80A-D99DCFBC2D82_zpsqbru2uz3.jpg photo C495D4D1-9B44-487C-841F-B6C0234A506F_zpsh4zmshpj.jpg

When Ellie woke up she insisted on brushing her teeth, she's so obsessed with brushing and flossing, and it's probably a fluke, but a fluke I love! After she was finished we headed out for some bedding for her bed and other little things we needed (like Swedish Fish). She refused to take off her princess nightgown, so I just slapped a bow on it and headed out. You're only little once right?

It was another great weekend for the books and I can't wait for this holiday weekend! 4th of July is one of two of my favorites holidays (the other being Easter) and I plan on spending the entire day in the pool and eating my weight in watermelon.

Hope you had a great weekend! Happy Monday!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Support a Local Charity with #Ultrahug

What is autism? To put it simply, it's a developmental disability that affects how a person communicates and relates to others and affects how they make sense of the world around them. It's a condition with a wide spectrum and no two people with autism are the same. Although, they may share some difficulties, their condition affects them in different ways.

Autism and its awareness has been growing, 1 in 50 children are diagnosed with Autism, but the knowledge and support is still a step behind. Therapies, medications, special aides, tools, and programs are often not covered by insurance or available in all areas. Early intervention is key to giving a child and their family a head start in understanding and overcoming obstacles. This can include; speech delays, sensory issues (such as sensitivity to noise), a need for routines to manage expectations, ADD/ADHD, and others conditions.

 photo 11168420_10207104211311840_4900998618753832490_n_zpsssam9uvh.jpg

 photo 7C484E4E-AFFD-4E6A-AD21-8CF29ECF1564_zpshdzg8bem.jpg

My nephew, one of the cutest ball players ever, has autism. With an early intervention and his amazing parents, he has grown so much and overcome so many obstacles. Since he was 2, he's been on special diets and in therapy, and with the love and support of his parents and family  has grown into quite an extraordinary little man. He's going to be 9 this year and loves Legos, Skylanders, and swimming. Our Nicholas Foundation has helped him and his family and others like ours in so many ways. They offer products for home and school, Peer Buddy programs, play dates, support groups for families, and sports leagues. Watching my nephew play baseball this spring was awesome! He loved being a part of a team and being cheered on by everyone. Plus, he is just adorable in his uniform!

 photo 7f16c2e0918f36c6ec9365f6e7dd17b9_zpseko9sg9c.jpg

I knew right away I'd want to support and raise awareness for Autism when I was contacted by Huggies. They say the best things in life are free and so is love! I love someone with autism and I'm nominating Our Nicholas Foundation for a $2000 grant from Huggies.

From April 20th until June 25th, Huggies will be accepting all selfies of you and your baby with the hashtag #UltraHug, and featuring them in a collage on the campaign landing page. On July 6th, voting will begin to narrow down the 20 finalists to 10 winners who will win a $2,000 grant from Huggies for their nominated community initiative.

 photo 36f25ade-3a19-4b04-9904-905ea263fb66_zps0izodym4.png

How to Enter the #UltraHug Selfie Contest:

• First, take a selfie of you and your baby and upload that selfie to Twitter or Instagram. Make sure to use the hashtag #UltraHug 

• In your same post, make sure to include a text nomination (approximately 100 – 120 characters) including a name and/or identifying description of a community project in the US, which you would like to nominate. Make sure the community project is something near and dear to your heart.

• Have more questions? Visit here for more information!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Baby 2 Bumpdate: Week 33

 photo 03abdb3d-a2b1-4fdc-8ce0-995d7a22d1ac_zpsp6myjhov.jpg photo 0b258a35-a896-4189-b0f3-e7745f74f9a1_zps1rpf3cmy.jpg
32 Weeks 4 Days

Each week seems to go by faster and faster and I already feel like this pregnancy has flown right by. I've been asked a lot this past week if I'm ready to be done (and also if I'm excited) and I'm not ready yet. I am one of those annoying women that enjoy being pregnant. Lately, I haven't been as comfortable as normal and a few of my shirts are getting too short to wear (like the one from two weeks ago already! Granted, it was almost too short then too if I'm honest with myself.), and I've been super hot the last few days, but I still overall enjoy being pregnant. I've loved the changes to my body this time around- no stretch marks, my butt/hips haven't grown (but I actually liked that), and my face isn't bloated yet. I know every pregnancy is different, but I thought that since I was having a second girl it would be identical to the first time.

-This last week I've been craving fruits, specifically watermelon and strawberries.

-My hips are still hurting while I sleep, but they don't bother me until the early morning hours. A pillow between my legs (groin to knee) and keeping one leg straight while the other is bent has been the most comfortable for me.

-My sciatic nerve is still hurting me some days, but more of an annoyance than tear induced pain.

-I have been really short of breath recently, I feel as though I have to stand up or stretch to get enough air.

-We cleared out the nursery of the extra bedroom furniture and it's ready to be taped and painted. I really, really wish I could do it myself because I enjoy painting and Matt hates it. I bought the low chemical fume kind, but the man at Home Depot said not to even think about painting, not even the smaller projects I could do outside or if I wore a mask. Granted, he's not a doctor and I haven't asked mine about it, but better safe than sorry. Plus, Matt doesn't want me to do it either so it's a battle I lost.

-The last of my doctor appointments are all scheduled. I have one at the end of the month and I can't wait to see our little girl. I'm hoping to get a good shot of her face to see if I can see any hints of how she'll look. I know she has my nose already, but I wonder if she has my lips or chubby cheeks too like Ellie does. I still think she'll have dark hair, but we'll see!

 photo CAC27DB9-332A-46E8-8986-12346F4E174C_zpsn7onsdor.jpg photo 6DD39572-6AA7-4587-BA21-0A3C8313E4E4_zpsuzva6wlk.jpg

I absolutely love this dress from the cutest maternity boutique online - Pink Blush Maternity. I found them through a girlfriend and love their site. They have such cute maternity clothes for all occasions and body types. I like that they have a lot of trendy maternity clothes and most of them would still wear well post-partum. There's lots of dresses, both maxi and short, jeans, shorts, tops, tunics, cardigans, etc. It's the perfect place to shop for upcoming events!

Hope you're having a fantastic week! Thank you for following along!